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Rent an expert resource on-demand — no hassle, no complicated contracts, no up-selling. Transform your functional and technical silos into one holistic landscape by optimizing integrations and business processes with creative solutions.

«Functional experts don't learn technical topics and vice versa. After working as an in-house lead for two large German international companies, I know the dangers of not connecting these two silos. Your integrations are only as strong as your data and your data is only as strong as your business processes. Let's unite these silos for your organization and unify your Workday landscape.»

– Conor Stinson
«My experience as a consultant for Workday implementation partner and working alongside various others has shown that the majority of consultants are experts in one area, but lacking the knowledge and experience in other areas.»
Bring your Workday to life by making your data and the actions of your employees in the system matter. Whether it requires a complex Studio solution or more relaxed EIBs, we can find solutions together to automate your landscape and make Workday a vital anchor in your organization.
I've worked with some of the largest global and local vendors throughout Asia, Europe, and the Americas.
Reporting & Dashboards
Accessing your data shouldn't be a daunting task. Raise user-adoption immediately by making Workday your company's go-to resource for locating the employee data they need. Don't just settle for standard reports. Push your reports to the maximum with complex calculated fields resulting in simple to read outputs for the end-user.
Make life easy for your employees by bringing their data to one accessible location, where they can find all information/actions they can take in the system. Let's keep it simple together!
Build a security foundation that cannot possibly fail. It's easy to sweep security issues under the rug, but a lot of them aren't even noticed until it's too late!
Spot the holes in your security or strengthen it even further with new security groups. Together we can ensure the necessary precautions are taken at all times.
Business Process Optimizations
Do your processes sometimes end up in your admin's inbox and you're not sure why? Maybe your processes could just be more streamlined if your conditions could be more complex?
With my expert knowledge of calculated fields, we can optimize business processes to remove empty steps, deploy complex notifications, and keep Workday viewed as a useful companion in your organization and not the enemy.
It can be overwhelming to estimate how difficult taking on an integration project can be. With my expertise, we can easily identify the «low-hanging fruit» and larger challenges and quickly start prioritizing an action plan.
If another system can integrate with Workday, I can make the integration happen with over 50+ integrations created to date:
– Types: Payroll, Master Data, Expenses, G/Ls, Credit Cards, Organizations, Benefits, Absence, Active Directory
– Technologies: REST and SOAP APIs, JSON, XSLT, BIRT, SFTP, PGP, Token Authentication, RaaS, EIBs
Experience troubleshooting
Absence, Compensation, EIB, Financials (Expenses, Ledgers), HCM, Integrations, Reporting, Security, Time-Tracking
Prior to becoming a freelancer, I started my Workday journey as a certified Workday Integration Consultant for Aon (now «Alight Solutions»), a Workday Implementation Partner. During that time, I received certifications for HCM, Integrations, and Scorecards while mainly supporting the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company with over 80,000 employees for almost 2 years in the United States.
I then moved to Germany where I worked as the in-house integration expert for Marquard & Bahls AG for 2 years where I developed various complex integrations and started branching out into other areas. I worked on Reports, Business Processes, Recruiting, Security, and Dashboards. I wanted to learn any area I could get my hands on.

After Marquard & Bahls AG, I joined Eppendorf AG as the Technical Lead responsible for integrations, reporting, and various other topics like Security, and optimizing business processes.
Now, after 5 years, I've decided to become an independent freelancer and Stintegrate has become my personal brand. Check out my LinkedIn for more detailed information regarding my past experience and I'm more than happy to share my CV and references on request.
Why Stintegrate
No up-selling
or «land and expand» mentality
When our contracted time is up, we can both go our own ways. My goal is to make using Workday easier for as many people as possible.
Your hours when you need them
It's not necessary to have
an internal expert for integrations when you aren't developing integrations daily. The same goes for reporting, security and business processes. Bring in a specialist only when it's truly needed.
No unexpected changing of senior to junior resources
When we agree to work together, your expectation for quality of work will always be met. It's not uncommon for larger companies
to move around their senior resources after landing new clients and achieving a few milestones
for your project. This can result
in unexpected outcomes
and stress. Experience a consistent resource as contractually agreed on when we team up.
Whether you're starting a new Workday journey
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or a new wave of updates, your company can benefit from having an independent Workday resource on your side.
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Whether you're starting a new Workday journey or a new wave of updates, your company can benefit from having an independent Workday resource on your side
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